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How to Earn Your Place in Google’s Index in 2020

Getting your website classified in Google index is possibly the first and foremost goal of any up-and-coming business website. Digital marketers also use different tactics and methods to get it done ASAP. While there are many ways marketers can opt in their quest of how to get ranked on Google, but it is also the responsibility of key individuals in an organisation to understand the ranking process, so they can expect realistic results. 

Let us discuss a few of them: 

How Google Indexing Works 

Google index can be compared to a massive library that is larger than all the physical and virtual libraries in the world combined. And the index contains billions and billions of website pages and information. Now it’s Goggle’s job to pick up and show the most relevant ones according to the search queries. In such a humongous pool of information, Google has to constantly search and identify for the new content along with the deleted one to keep the library updated. And in all this hotchpotch, businesses with a new website have to index their website into Google index to make it appear in search queries.  

Moving forward to the problems that businesses and marketers face when trying to earn their place in Google index in 2020; we can see that there are some methods that everyone can use to make your website more ‘searchable’ and speed up the indexing process. Here’s a detailed overview of Google indexing factors 2020 

1. Create and Submit a Sitemap 

Creating an XML sitemap can be effective to get your website indexed fast. To better understand this factor, managers have to know that a sitemap is a list of all the important pages on your website written in Extensible Markup Language (XML) format for making it easier for search engines to find and understand them. 

A sitemap helps search engine bots and algorithms navigate through your website easily. This way, they can discover new content and start indexing website pages. It improves your overall visibility on search engines such as Google and Bing and ranks new pages without any backlinks. The best part of creating sitemap is that Google offers sitemap submission facility in which businesses can manually submit their sitemaps that speeds up the indexing process and increases the probability of appearing in search engine results. 

2. Remove Nofollow Tags 

There are also times when Google bots cannot crawl through your website pages and it becomes a cause for the delay in indexing. This happens because your website pages have internal links containing a rel= nofollow tag. This tag doesn’t allow search engine bots to crawl through and in turn, your page doesn’t get indexed. 

Hence, Google servers do not receive any indexing data about the page and that page doesn’t appear in search results. The best and quite simple way to tackle this issue is to check your internal links for nofollow tags. Once you remove these, Google bots can easily follow the link and discover the content on the webpage. 

3. Misplaced NOINDEX Tags 

NOINDEX tags are a big reason that restricts the indexing process. This is like, you yourself are not allowing Google to index your website pages. As a result, it won’t store the page on Google database or show on the search engine results. Therefore, if any page on your site has a misplaced NOINDEX tag, it will prevent it from indexing and ranking as Google won’t include it in its index. To check for a NOINDEX tag, go to the <head> section of your webpage and look for the meta tag containing NOINDEX. 

4. Don’t Forget to Check for Robots.txt File 

After NOINDEX, you have to check for the robots.txt file. This robots.txt file tells Google bots where they can go and where they can’t go on the website. You just have to add robots.txt at the end of your website URL and you can see if it exists or not. If the code exists, you have to delete it so that Google bots can crawl and indexing can start from now on. 

Google indexing seems quite a basic thing to most businesses and marketers, but it is not. Marketers have to be prepared for issues that are a result of mere ignorance or human errors and tackle those as soon as possible to get the website indexed and appear in search engine results as soon as they can. O3 Digital is the best SEO company in Australia that believes in maintaining transparency in processes and communication, cultivating longlasting relationships, speedy communication, discipline in commitment and a solution-focused attitude. 

5 Major Google Ranking Factors Affecting SEO

All of us know that Google is the most trending search engine used by all businesses for promoting their business online. It is undoubtedly the best search engine at present that can make a business flourish by using a variety of digital marketing tools. But in order to be able to flourish and grow, a business must necessarily keep up with changes in Google Search’s ranking algorithm.

The Local SEO for small business is also another extremely dynamic field that continues to evolve rapidly with each passing day, thereby making it crucial for the SEO experts to stay informed on the most important google ranking factors.

Here is a list of the top 5 Google ranking factors for SEO you should know:

  1. Website URL: The first primary factor to be considered for the Google SEO ranking is having the right kind of URL for the website. It is important because the Google team will visit this URL and look at the page content to understand what that page is about.
  2. Backlinks: It is one of the strongest ranking signals in Google’s search algorithm. A website having more links from multiple high-authority domains has better chances to rank well for top keywords and every online marketer needs to pay close attention to their backlink profiles.
  3. Semantic saturation: It is important to construct SEO content that consists of an appropriate number of relevant keywords, entities, and images for the length of the copy. This is because of the ranking factors that matter the most depending on quality content development.
  4. Mobile optimization: Recently, Google announced that starting from September 2020 all websites without exception will be judged on their mobile version, not the desktop version. That is why in order to have your website ranked higher in search results; it is necessary to make sure that it is designed for mobile users.
  5. Website Speed: The website speed is always considered as one of the leading SEO ranking factors. Google provides its users with search results from sites that provide the best user experience and the websites with fast page speed have more chances to rank higher at the top web results.

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