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Top Digital Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business In 2021

Digital marketing today has helped businesses with an equal opportunity to fight for customer’s attention. Modern-day businesses require the online trust of customers and it can only be achieved with the right strategies and tools. From optimizing your brand in a search engine to bringing your business to top ranks, digital marketing helps businesses to boost their sales and increases the confidence of customers.

To keep up with marketing today, we are presenting the top digital marketing tools in 2021 to uplift your brand, business, or company.


A highly effective and all-rounder digital marketing tool, SEMRUSH is all about improving your SEO strategy, performing keyword research, position tracking, and identifying backlink opportunities. It helps businesses to generate more prospects by having information that enhances the overall site ranking and improves conversion rate.


Canva is a great and well-suited user-friendly social media tool to create professional-looking graphics and It’s easy to size photos for different platforms like Facebook, Instagram. From helping an individual to add different text elements very easily to creating social images, CTA buttons, and infographics for free, Canva is a perfect tool for every beginner who doesn’t have access to more advanced platforms like Photoshop. It can also save you a lot of bucks of hiring a social media agency australia in the beginning.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have digital marketing tool that makes it easier for businesses to track traffic and know which pages and content are getting more viewed. It will also help in knowing how your customers are engaging with your site through insights. It also helps businesses to easily compare product performance for e-commerce sites and give reports to the client about every product sale. So when you are looking to increase your understanding of analytics, there is nothing better than Google Analytics.


Mailchimp is the most powerful digital marketing tool in the email service providing market and has an absolute giant marketing space based on the size of your email list. It helps you to create landing pages and surveys. It also enables you to compare your response in terms of the number of clicks and how many recipients have unsubscribed. So, if you’re new to digital marketing tools or email in general, MailChimp represents a great starting point for your business.

Visual Website Optimizer

A/B testing is the essential part of digital marketing which helps you to increase conversion without spending on acquiring new traffic. Visual Website Optimizer streamlines the process for anyone who has a website and needs to test different options before making a real business decision. You can quickly see which version of your site is the clear winner in terms of clicks and conversions. Hence, it helps businesses by educating the marketing team on what works and what doesn’t.

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With such a large selection of digital marketing tools, it is essential to know which ones truly drive results. So now that you are all set with the top tools for your business and marketing, slay your 2021.Note: If you’re struggling to develop a digital marketing solution for your business, connect with the best digital agency Australia or simply visit today.

The Hottest Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

So, we all have finally made it to 2021, after such a roller coaster pandemic. In a world of over 4.5 billion people who are internet users, digital marketing is one of the most potent marketing forms in our era. Moreover, most of the world’s internet traffic is generated via marketing.

Thus, if you want to stay steps ahead of your competitors, then you need to follow the proper marketing trends and hire a best digital agency australia. From structuring your social media campaign content to marketing optimization, it’s time to look ahead to what we can expect from the next 12 months. Let’s cover the hottest digital marketing trends of 2021 and see what’s still in and what won’t.

Live-streaming and influencing

Who said staying at home is boring? We understand that your events list has been canceled and you are no longer be able to socialize in a huge crowd due to the current situation but thanks to the influencers who are entertaining us through live streams. This is the greatest digital marketing trend that will keep the brand, influencer united through the social media platform. orders meant events were canceled, and consumers were unable to attend in-person events. During Lockdown, 50% of the audience have attended facebook live viewing. Seems, there’s a good chance we’ll see this digital marketing trend continue to play out in 2021.

The Featured snippets & no-click searches

For many years, the SEO was supposed to get your listing on the first page of Google through the Search Engine result page. Talking about 2021, SEO aims to shift its visibility to Position Zero. By saying this term, we mean that the user won’t have to click the entire site. They can go through the featured snippet that is separated by a small box where everything can be seen at the top. This will include the site’s display, authentic information with the attempt at answering the user’s question without them needed to click on it.”

Relevant and Interactive content

Of course, content is the king of marketing and will remain evergreen for the next ten years. The trend was present for years but has started being famous for a while. Interactive content helps your business to promote more engagement according to your target audience. You can create blogs, PDFs, quizzes, surveys, contests, giveaways, polls, calculator widgets, and what not to do wonders for your brand. Relevant content increases the length of time users engage with you, which helps your business to engage with your potential audience. Adopting this trend in 2021 will improve your user experience.

Opting Images and video SEO for visual searches

Do you know how to get images and videos? Through typing the word in the search bar and, Bingo! but did you know you can also submit the images for a search? And can even take original photos and search for their context? The more users are discovering to discover these visual search trends, it is changing the entire landscape of SEO in 2021. Even seo services in australia have too started this trend.

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Digital marketing breathes new life into advertising in Pandemic

Marketing through Digital has been happening in the last 7-8 years and has been active the most during the pandemic. It has created a great impact on advertising and business sectors in both positive and negative impacts. People who were used to perform traditional marketing were stuck at home and realize the importance of a digital presence. From cooking videos to learning new skills, people have done almost every activity to entertain themselves and endure this pandemic. While some are still striving hard to opt for the online platform and waiting for the situation to be normal again, (Which won’t happening at least for a year) others businesses are preparing not to just survive but also emerge as winners during Covid-19.

The everyday rising of covid-19 has completely destroyed the physical shops, MNC’s and local business. It has urged companies to save their budget by cutting down their traditional advertising costs. At the same time, digital branding agency have been a hit because of getting more and more clients who have switched from offline to online presence. On the other side, advertising agencies have too associated with Data/Tech platforms and have present their business marketing strategies to help brands connect better with their target audience. This has also aimed to reach good revenue and reach. Let’s go through Few agencies that have collaborated with the brands during the pandemic.

  • FCB India which is one of the greatest online branding company has partnered with experiential digital agency XP&D Interactive for organizing events, conferences, and product launches online.
  • Few Travel Agencies who were not going so well because of covid-19 has impacted traveling has too started increasing their content production by putting travel blogs and contest on their social channels. They have also collaborated with the wanderers to enhance their social reach. This also proves that nothing can stop a business/brand to run their platform until they are following the right path to build their customer relationship.
  • Famous creative agency “Leo Burnett” has also launched three verticals including digital, consulting, and design. They have also created a “short-term thinking model” called 0-3-6 which will help businesses to grow their brand in the next three months, and after-six-month with a proper strategic plan, execution and through affordable social media marketing.
  • Digital agency Dentsu Webchutney has also launched an innovative virtual internship program Interns from Home in June. In that internship, the agency has selected 50 interns to represent the future of advertising.

Talking about other marketing modules, Influencer marketing also started to drive an amazing response by creating on-point brand strategies through social media and content. Shirish Agarwal who is ahead of the marketing and brand of Panasonic India has said that “Social media, influencer marketing, and content marketing, which drive the usage of products, has been our key focus this year and this will continue in future,”.

Covid-19 has created big chaos in the world and people are struggling a lot, one good thing has happened too. Traditional brands who were not finding online marketing important has now started hiring experts for digital marketing in australia. People have been quarantined but their businesses are still going well. This pandemic has to push consumers to stay connected with the business and market without interrupting the sales perspective.

As we all have moved on to 2021, we cannot change the fact that Businesses are going to struggle for well around a year as they have to make up for their losses and comebacks. But we have also realized how switching to online marketing can raise your business with a high return on investment and advertising expenditure. Seems, the true winners have been people who have chucked the traditional noise and adopted authentic, engaging, and creative messages through online marketing.

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4 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Business Through Digital Marketing

The recent pandemic has driven economies to the brink of a global recession. What started as a mild slowdown could now potentially turn out to be an economic avalanche. According to a recent report published in The New York Times, Australia has plunged into its first recession in 30 years. Another study published by Fast Company suggests that 21% of business leaders predicted an economic downturn in the next two years for the world economy. So, the economic recession is very much a reality today and can severely damage businesses all over the world.   

The good news is that like every recession in history; this will also run its course and fade away. While the economy is in recession, businesses tend to be cautious of expenditure and adopt more austere measures to sail against the winds. This is crucial; however, it cannot be a permanent solution. Like in life, business leaders also need to hope for a good time. But it is equally important to prepare for the worst. Therefore, making business recession-proof through various digital marketing initiatives is a way to adopt today.  

How can digital marketing help you sail against the winds 

In times of recessions, consumers deliberate much before putting their money on any endeavour. They look for the reputation and trust that a company has made in the market before choosing it as a partner. Therefore, the chances to attract potential customers solely rest on the reputation you have built in the marketplace, the visibility you have achieved and the message you send to your target audience. Digital marketing is one such platform from which you combine brand building with a smart media strategy to get through trying times of downturn.  

To keep you sailing through this, your potential customers should know that you are the best option they have got in the market to do business. Positive brand building initiatives by professional digital marketers can be a game-changer in these times. Your lead generating activities through social media optimization and SEO activities can put you on the growth path even if your deals are not closed immediately. If you have leads at a slowdown time, you will have something to work on rather than having no opportunities when things are booming again.  


Digital marketing efforts at a time of recessions  

Aim for wider reach  

Today almost everybody is online and businesses have their online presence. Pandemic has also fueled digital transformation and many marketing teams are entirely reliant on digital marketing. Getting wider reach for your business was never so convenient and indispensable, especially with widespread digital transformations. Multiple channels such as websites, social media, email, newsletters, etc. are handy in gaining wider reach for your business.      

Invest in targeted marketing  

Traditionally, the business was all about going out and selling your products or services in the local market. Digital marketing changed them all. Now the entire world is your potential market. Therefore, it is more crucial to focus on targeted marketing. To bolster our business prospects, we need to up-skill our digital capabilities and focus our business according to the target customers’ demographics, interests, and age group. Target marketing paves the way to reach your customers and serve them directly.  

Work on data-driven insights   

Even in times of recession, knowing your customers and their preferences is critical. This can help in creating fool-proof marketing strategies to fulfil their requirements. Smart use of data gathering and tracking programs such as Google Analytics will give a comprehensive data-driven insight, so you learn about the pattern of sales reports and consumer trends. Through this, you can track the best performing campaigns and continue running them so that business remains trickling in during times of recession as well.  

Work on Customer Retention  

There is no denying that getting a new customer in an economic slowdown is an uphill task. The best and probably only way to sustain the tough times is to retain customers. The best businesses in the world thrive on repeat customers. An increase of 5% in customer retention can bring 25% to 95% more in profits. Therefore, retaining and keeping your customer engaged are the ways to go if you want to make your business recession-free. Customer engagement can be enhanced through promoting interaction on various digital channels, including discounts on your website, targeted high-quality content, informative emailers, entertaining social media posts, etc. Also, following up with customers after purchase to know customer experience can go a long way in client retention 

Recession is no daily share market crashes that the economy may recover just as quickly. Yes, recessions are also not a permanent phenomenon and fade away, but their repercussions are far-reaching and can debilitate a nation’s economy. In these times, you have to build and defend your brand image through smart digital marketing strategies. O3 Digital is one of Australia’s reputed digital marketing agencies, which helps you increase your online reach and leverage its expertise and experience in SEO and social media marketing.