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How Can SEO Agency Sydney Boost Your Real Estate Business?

By the end of 2021, almost 89 per cent of the Australian population will be using the internet. (Source – Statista)

It’s a fact that every website owner should know even before finding ways to grow their business online. Where are they spending their time online? Which websites are they using?


It’s evident that Australians rely on Google to search for anything they need. Moreover, they are spending time on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well – preferred channels for online marketing.

O3 Digital is a leading SEO agency in Sydney that can ensure that your website ranks prominently on Google (and Bing) for the relevant search queries.

SEO Agency Sydney Boosts Your Website Rank on Google Result Page

Home buyers use different keywords on search engines to find out the properties they are looking for. However, not all are of interest to your real-estate business.

Even before optimising the various pages on the website, we begin with SEO audit – followed by a SEO strategy and an executable plan to help you achieve desired business goals.

SEO Audit of your website reveals following issues

  • Existing rank of website for some keywords
  • Problem with the webpages
  • Page Load Speed
  • Usability issues
  • Content gaps etc.

O3 Digital presents the audit report and the detailed SEO plan to enhance website performance.

Real Estate SEO Plan That Fires Up Rankings and Increases Traffic

We are an SEO company that has helped several Australian businesses improve rankings significantly on Google, making them stay ahead of the competition. Here is what an SEO plan includes.

Competitor Research: There are various real-estate agencies in Sydney who have websites that rank on Google for various search queries.  Our team analyses their website and finds out – keywords their website ranks for, backlinks, and the content posted on the various channels.

The research outcome helps in the subsequent stages when the team is doing the keyword research, creating content, and doing external linking.

SEO Audit: This audit tells the potential issues with your website. It’s a comprehensive audit whose outcomes decide the activities that need to be performed to get the desired results.

Deciding On the Keywords to Rank: From the competitor analysis, our team knows the keywords their website is ranking for. However, we these are mere inputs for them.

We perform keyword research and list down all the relevant keywords that the visitors (target audience) search to get the information they are looking for. We discuss them with you and keep refining the list unless we have a final set of keywords to begin optimisation.

Optimising Website Pages: Now it is time to optimise the website pages that are of interest and relevant to the business goals.

Content Optimisation : The content on the web page has a significant role to play in ranking it on the Google result page. Google’s algorithm prioritises those pages that are relevant to the search query.

The web page content has to be properly organised in headings and subheadings to engage the readers and also contain keywords to make it search-friendly.

Our expert content team writes well – researched content for the web pages that is far better in quality from the competition.

Link Building : Backlinks – all the external sites where your site is linked – significantly boost the website rank if they are present in the relevant and authoritative websites. Besides, it also makes the brand reliable and gives credibility to the website.

Our outreach team identifies the potential sites for the external link building. These hard-earned links make the web page more popular, flip up the authority and improve the ranking.

Tag Optimisation: The HTML tags of the web page – title, meta, heading, alt, etc. – are also optimised as they improve the ranking.

The description of the web page that appears in the Google search result pages below the link is optimised and made relevant to your real – estate business.

Local Listing – GMB and others: When you are focussed on growing business in a certain location, Google offers many ways to enhance the visibility of the website and reach the local home buyers.

Google My Business helps to create a business profile, and also offers the way to your business location by showing it on the Google Maps.

There are several other websites that can be used for local listing and help to increase outreach.

O3 Digital is a SEO company Sydney that helps your website rank on Google. Once, optimised, the website will appear on the top of search result page for the identified keywords. Consequently, the traffic coming to various listings will increase thereby increasing conversions and boosting sales.

Choose O3 Digital – Leading SEO Agency in Sydney

We have helped various Australian businesses grow their business online with SEO.  After optimisation, your real estate business website will be able to get the traffic from potential home buyers.

That’s not all!

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can optimise the website on social media channels for branding and conversions.

Speak to one of our consultants now: 02 4081 1912

5 Reasons to use Magento for Ecommerce Website

E-commerce is growing at a fast pace in Australia. From the USD 46.7billion, it is expected to reach USD 70billion in 2025.

It makes sense to grow an e-commerce business!

How to go about it?

O3 Digital follows a simple approach that includes choosing the best platform to handle the products and the transactions. It’s followed by online promotion of the ecommerce brand so that products appear prominently when a visitor searches for similar products.


Magento – A popular e-commerce platform for SMBs and Enterprises

It’s an open-source platform that is supporting 250,000 stores across the globe – almost 12% of the online stores.

Latest version 2.4.3 is loaded with features that enhance the capabilities of Magento 1.

This version focuses heavily on improving the customer experience. It is packed with features that help an ecommerce business to deliver engaging customer experience.

Magento 2 loads quickly, is easy to use, offers better security features, and is highly customise. There are several reasons why Magento is de-facto choice for your e-commerce play.


1# Offers Enhanced Shopping Experience to Customers

Magento 2 is created to give better experience while shopping online. It offers up-selling and cross-selling suggestions, stock-availability indicator, free-gifts and coupons to help customers.

It is easy to add promotions at the checkout pages that boosts the sales potential and reduces the cart abandon rate.

Moreover, this platform also allows you to add videos to showcase the products and grab the customer attention for eventual purchase.

O3 Digital is Australia’s leading web development agency for Magento 2 ecommerce store.


2# Created to Perform Well on Various Devices

As compared to its predecessor, Magento-2 offers enhanced performance. Any product query from the customer is answered instantly due to better indexing – speedy display of products keeps the customer engaged and reduces the bounce rate.

Fast page load speed is a distinctive feature of Magento 2. The Varnish Cache integration fully caches the online store that results in lightning-fast page load speed.

Keep in mind, if the website page takes more than 3-second to load, the bounce rate increases by more than 50 per cent. With fast loading pages, the visitors coming to the website will get quick response to the products they are searching for – they can spend more time viewing it from various angles and decide on it accordingly.

O3 Digital is a web design company that can make your dream of setting up an online store come true with Magento


3# Powerful Enough to Handle Large Number of Orders Simultaneously

A big concern while choosing an e-commerce platform is whether it will be able to handle a vast range of products that could be in several thousands. Also, when hundreds of active customers on the online store place orders, will the transactions happen smoothly.

Magento 2 addresses these concerns well. It can handle all your products, even if they are in millions. Moreover, the platform can process large number of orders without fail. Scalability is a differentiating virtue that along with quick check-out time enhances the overall experience.


4# Mobile Friendly Online Store for More Conversions

There are 32.5 million mobile phone subscribers in Australia as on 2021 (Source – Statista).

It’s a huge m-commerce market over there.

Magento 2 is mobile friendly and helps to tap this large market. Many Australians prefer to buy products on their mobile phone, and your online store will be able to cater all such customers.

This platform is touch screen friendly – an added advantage that makes the online e-commerce Magento store a breeze.


5# Easy Integration with Amazon, eBay et al.

Have presence on other online marketplaces? Magento 2 helps to integrate them easily. Your online store reaches a wide audience.

It’s easy to list the products across the various online marketplaces.

O3 Digital helps you to benefit from this advanced ecommerce platform. Give your customer an experience that brings them back to purchase from your store again.


O3 Digital – Australia’s leading Magento web development company

We are a focussed e-commerce solution provider that offers end-to-end solution – creating e-commerce with platform of your choice, and promoting it online over various digital channels.

No matter what the scale of your business, we’ll deliver the online store to grow it digitally.

Speak to our e-commerce solution experts and also find more about the various digital marketing services to make it a success

How Is an SEO Company in Gold Coast Helping Small Businesses Thrive?

There are more than 2 million small businesses operating in different regions of Australia. However, most small business owners know about digital marketing services but are not aware of using them. For instance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a cost-effective marketing approach that increases your website search engine ranking and brings more and more targeted traffic.

The world is becoming competitive every day, and if your small business misses the chance, you’ll fall behind competitors, which none of the businesses may not want to. So, invest in SEO service of a reliable SEO company in Gold Coast, Australia, boost your marketing plan and remain ahead.

Small business SEO involves many elements, but it primarily includes:

  • Local SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

Local SEO Targets Regional Audience

The local SEO strategies for your small businesses are crucial to expanding services on a regional level. The standard SEO emphasizes more on overall search engine ranking across the country, whereas the local SEO strategies focus on appearing on search engine result pages in a specific location. The local SEO agency Australia brings sustainable results by marketing your brand, products and services to local mobile and desktop user.

Here are the key local SEO strategies:

Optimize for Voice Search: Voice search is one of the great innovations that help users reduce their web search time. 57% of Aussies use voice search to get instant information from the web. In voice search, your audience ask questions using long-tail keywords and question starters like who, how, why etc. So, by using local SEO services, you can optimize your content to fit the more conversational tone of someone speaking.

Improve visibility with GMB Account: Listing your small business in the Google my business (GMB) can significantly gain visibility in local search results. It helps your prospective audience find you on Google Maps once you provide all the essential information in the Google My Business account dashboard.

Focus on local keywords: Targeting location-specific keywords on your website’s content are a great idea to draw the attention of native consumers. We filter keywords based on your specific region by taking the help of Google’s free tool like Keyword Planner to create a list of high search-relevant keywords to target.

Benefits of Choosing Local SEO Company in Gold Coast, Australia

  • Helps improve your business ranking in SERPs.
  • Targets local audience and brings them to your business profile, and convert them into customers.
  • Displays your products first in SERPs when people search for keywords related to your service.
  • The local SEO marketing efforts proved a worthwhile investment towards building your brand.
  • Develop trust in your community that help thrive your small business.

On-Page SEO Can Bring Countless New Customers

When we speak about on-page SEO, it constitutes both the front-end and back-end components of your website, so it ranks well and brings quality traffic.

On-page SEO for small businesses is the optimization of the HTML source code of web pages with content. Its prime objective is to help web crawlers to understand the meaning and context of your web pages.

On-page SEO is tricky so it would be best to work with the best SEO agency in Australia to keep up with the latest practices.

Suitable Page Title: Web page titles help search engines find your page information. Each web page must have a unique title tag and carry the keyword you want to rank. The title tag is important, and it displays as a blue line of text in SERP, which the audience click to navigate to your web page. Here are the best-practices that we follow.

  • Create compelling page titles.
  • Avoid using long sentences – search engines only display 60 words.
  • Use relevant and powerful keywords related to the niche.

Meta description: It summarises that web page that the user will see just below the title tag. However, it doesn’t impact ranking, but help improve CTR and navigation.

Headings or Headers: An attractive and engaging header is important to seek customers’ attention. Formatting content with helpful headers or body tags <h1>,<h2>,<h3> and so on are particularly useful in long content.

Compelling Content: It is crucial to produce easy-to-understand and user-friendly content since it is one of the key elements for ranking.

Off-Page SEO Increases Ranking of Website

Off-page SEO increases the webpage’s ability to rank. The motive behind off-page SEO activities is to indicate to search engines that your website provides value to web users. Here are the key off-page SEO strategies:

Quality Link Building: It is one of the popular techniques o to show your brand authority. Link building with authoritative, relevant sites improves ranking chances.

Social Media Sharing: Although social media is not part of SEO strategy, it helps win your audience’s trust. Sharing web information and content on social media can help engage your customers and make them visit your website.

Guest Blogging: Posting guest blogs on high domain authority sites improves web ranking and drives massive organic traffic directly to your website. Guest blogs often help advertise your business products and services to a wide audience.

How O3 Digital Can Help?

As a leading digital marketing and SEO company in Gold Coast, Australia, O3 digital helps SMBs flourish in their respective locations by handling their SEO campaigns.

We have a skilled and trained SEO team that does the hard work to put your business on top of search results. They use a customised marketing plan that eventually helps you generate effective sales and leads.

Besides SEO, we offer other digital marketing solutions, including Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, PPC advertising, and much more, to help stand out your small business in a competitive market.

Contact our SEO team today at 02 4081 1912 for a detailed consultation.

4 Ways Ecommerce SEO Improves Conversions and Boosts Revenue

Over the past few years, buying habits of customers have undergone a sea-change. They prefer online stores to make purchases over visiting a physical one. Consequently, the online sales of retail goods such as groceries, electronics, and clothing zoomed past the traditional sales. The Australian e-commerce market has been constantly growing every year, and Covid-19 accelerated it even more.

Creating an online store presence is the just the first step in online business success. However, to attract a new customer base and boost business sale, you should opt for Ecommerce SEO services. Besides increasing the online revenue, it also boosts business from drive-in customers.

Several online stores are now operational in Australia. The environment has become competitive, and implementing robust SEO strategies on the website is a must to stay on top of search engine rankings. These practical ecommerce SEO strategies are proven way to lead more conversion and boost revenue.

Enhanced Brand Visibility with Optimisation for Targeted Keywords

Although SEO is getting advanced with each passing year, keywords are still its very soul. Keywords are the cornerstone of any SEO strategy, and without focusing on keywords, you can’t bring more prospects to your site. For instance, when people search for the products with keywords or phrases related to your products, the search engine shows your products because of keyword relevancy.

Keywords drive a potential audience. As, the best SEO company we research relevant and high search volume keywords and apply them in different sections of your ecommerce website – page titles, URLs, alt tags, and headings etc.

Long-tail keywords: As per recent research, 29.13% of high-volume keywords are structured with three or more words. Adding long-tail keywords or phrases in new content expand the search audience.

Localization of keywords: Accurate keyword localization is the best way to get better search engine results because these are the words your prospective consumer is searching for.

Improved Customer Experience

Nearly 75% of internet users don’t scroll past the first page of web results. Major search engines do not often look at a site’s keyword choices and keyword density alone. Although, they help rank your ecommerce site on SEO metrics.

E-commerce SEO services optimises your site as per search engine needs and improves sales and conversions. Here are the aspects it improves for enhanced customer experience:

Site load time: Improving page and site loading speed reduces the bounce rate and ensures that your customer stay for long on the website.

Engaging Content: It is a vehicle for keywords to reach the audience. Content is a great way to convert prospects into leads by providing them with valuable information about products.

Mobile optimized pages: As per this report, 51% of users come across a site while searching online on their smartphone. So, optimizing sites for mobile users is beneficial to gain targeted customers.

Focus on Customer Demand

Customer’s demand for products often changes with time. Ecommerce SEO services focus on high monthly search volume keywords that may have already peaked in popularity. The ‘Google Trends’ tool helps to identify priorities by uncovering hidden terms that SEO tools often don’t track.

Once we identify what the going trend is, we use it to refine the SEO strategy further. For instance, if the trend shows “Woolen clothes”, we use it and write content around it to ensure that the audience finds it valuable. Also, working on trends help a website to remain ahead of competitors, improves the conversions and increases revenue.

Boost Results Using On-Page Strategy

These strategies are of important for boosting lead conversions and sales. In addition, on-page SEO plays a huge role in making websites user-friendly, enhancing web rankings, page indexing and much more.

Choose only the best SEO company for your ecommerce site. They can assist in creating insightful search friendly content for your website that drives more quality traffic. Here is how it works.

  • Use of targeted keywords in headings with relevant description.
  • Optimisation of page load speed for a better user experience.
  • Creation of high-quality content.
  • Mobile optimization.
  • Writing engaging meta descriptions to improve search visibility.
  • Use of alt tag for image description.
  • Keep easy-to-read URLs.
  • Use of internal linking for easy navigation.
Trust O3 Digital for Ecommerce SEO

We are a leader in SEO services across Australia that drives quality traffic and boosts your organic ecommerce sales.

You can trust our team of SEO experts, as they create and maintain comprehensive SEO strategies.

Besides SEO, we are well-recognised for delivering full-fledged digital marketing services, including website development, content marketing, Instagram & Facebook marketing and more.

With our cost-efficient social media marketing service boost engagement with your customers and gain a large customer base.

Get in touch with our team today to understand how we can help your ecommerce business thrive!

Contact at: 02 4081 1912

Bespoke Web Development – Unique Design, Better Branding and Much More

Every business large or small needs a robust online presence to serve its customers. Developing a bespoke or professional website for your company can help your business stand above the crowd.

Using standard website templates can bore an audience and limit them from returning to your site. Bespoke web development creates a distinctive brand for your company. Consider choosing the best web design company in Australia to develop off-the-shelf, functional, professional templates and entice new customers.

With 88% of the Australian population (approx. 22.31 million) is on the internet today, and targeting them with your bespoke website means reaching out to huge target audience online.

Benefits of Bespoke Web Development and Design

Customised to Meet Your Goals

Whether you run a local bakery shop or an IT company, the ultimate goal of your business is to attract massive traffic that converts into potential customers.

A reputable web development service can create a customised website. It is especially designed and tailored around your goals. You are investing where it’s most needed and you can measure the success once it is fully developed and launched. It contains these elements:

Contact Forms: The contact and subscription pop-up forms are a great way to keep your customers informed about the offerings, discounts and latest updates.

Brand Logo: The right logo helps the customer identify you and eliminate confusion. It is crucial because it shows the authority, quality and value of your service.

Incorporate In-built Social and Search Engine Strategy

A bespoke site lets you showcase the vision and ideas behind your brand into your website and puts a great first impression on your potential audience with social and search engine strategy. SEO and social media features are in-built from the beginning. You can use such a feature once your site gets launched.

Social Sharing Buttons: Social media buttons are an excellent way to share your vision with a large group of people. This feature helps attract new customers as well as create new opportunities for your business.

Dedicated SEO Plugins: These SEO plugins are designed particularly to improve your site’s search rankings. It gives a pretty good idea of what areas you need to make improvements.

Ensures Easy and Smooth Navigation

Web navigation is one of the crucial aspects that make your website successful and make the customer come back again. When customers visit your website, the easy navigation helps them to find what they’re looking for. Moreover, a bespoke website with robust navigation helps search engines index their content, ultimately improving users’ experience. Elements the make for smooth navigation:

Search Menu: It increases site navigation and lets your user quickly find the information they are looking for. It will help visitors have a positive user experience and make them return again.

Categories: It is an important section that helps guide users to the right products from your business.

Footer: It is placed at the bottom of the website and contains a shortened version of the main menu, contact info, social media icons, and important links that visitors find helpful.

Sets the Right Impression on your Customer

A website is the digital face of your brand, and when a customer visits your site, they want to be welcomed. An obsolete and unattractive design makes customer hesitant to visit the website. In contrast, a bespoke website developed by professionals is vibrant, sleek and winsome.

Giving customers a great user experience is crucial to make their frequent visits to your site. These features of your bespoke website make your prospective customers more important.

Live Chat: It is an excellent way to interact with your prospective and new users and provide them with the confidence they need to use your product or services.

Fast Page Load: The fast-loading pages show your commitment towards users. Customers would stay at your site if it presents information within seconds – else they would go somewhere else.

Mobile Optimized: Website’s mobile device compatibility separates your business from the competition and makes your users access it with any device from anywhere.

Why Choose O3 Digital’s Bespoke Web Development Services?

O3 Digital is Australia’s trusted premier digital marketing and website development company. We offer several customized bespoke web design and development services to businesses across Australia.

Our team of skilled and experienced custom web developers understand your business needs and develop a website that matches your vision – aesthetically designed for the prospective user group.

We are full-fledged web designing agency in Australia that offers other cost-efficient services too:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Paid Advertising – Social And Search Engine
  • Mobile application Development

Are you serious about getting bespoke website for your business?

Speak to our consultant team today.

Call | 02 4081 1912

Digital Marketing: Be Where Your Customers Are!

The Australian market is evolving at a fast pace, and customers are here are buying products and services online. Smartphones are preferred for communication and online shopping too.

When it comes to reaching prospective customers, digital marketing provides efficient ways to target. It can grow website traffic, boost brand recognition, and attract a large number of clients.

A business that doesn’t implement strategies of digital marketing services Australia is limiting its growth opportunities. Keep reading to find out more about how to reach your customers effectively.

Reach Customers Searching for Similar Products Through SEO

Search engine optimization plays an essential role in attracting and retaining clients by boosting your website’s overall visibility in major search engines like Google or Bing.

According to a Search engine journal, 76% of consumers who search for information about something nearby would visit the business within the same day. Any company with a physical store and wants to establish itself online can benefit from local SEO services.

Local SEO helps optimize your content to rank in the top positions of local search results. Local SEO services in Australia enable web users to actively search for the services you provide to visit your website.

When it comes to targeting a large-scale version, Enterprise SEO can provide efficient results. Unlike local SEO, it deals with different markets and mainly involves a more extensive and complex website.

Tap a Wide Audience Using Social Media

Aussies use social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to connect with desired products, services and brands. Establishing a social media presence is a great way to add new and old customers. As per a report, in Australia, there are 18 million social media users in 2021. Social media plays a pivotal role in any digital marketing strategy you embark on.

Social media takes you closer to a potential audience and establishes trust. It’s not about just creating posts for the platform and responding to comments. Social media helps to create a thriving community and snowballs the branding. So, let’s explore the social media strategies that benefit your marketing plan.

  • Share visuals of your brand: Sharing posts, videos and content related to your brand on social media is one of the best, free and effective ways to boost your brand visibility. Every post you share will be available to a new network of visitors that eventually lead them to become your prospective customers or turn them to visit your business website to buy products.
  • Use hashtags to be found: Hashtags are an impactful way to reach directly to a targeted audience. For instance, you own a clothing store, so using popular hashtags like #outfit, #girlsfashion, #dress etc., can help visitors discover your brand. So, this strategy will help you from being unknown to becoming one of the most-talked-about the company.

Use Emailers to Grow Customer Base

Email marketing is a highly effective and cost-effective way to reach the target audience. A mailing list can be created using these strategies.

  • Pop-ups: Place a pop-up form on the website can be effective in motivating people to sign up. Make sure the pop-ups are relevant and timely for the audience.
  • Call to action buttons: Place calls to action buttons with a link to sign-up pages. These should be prominently displayed on blogs, product listings as well as the homepage of a website. It’s an effective way to entice new visitors to join your mailing list.

Send mails about product updates and personalised offers to bring more conversions.

Advertise on Search Engine

Pay-per-click advertising helps your business compete in a dynamic landscape. However, when someone clicks on the ad, the cost has to be paid.

Choose where to show your ad or promote results to a specific group of people or area. The most popular ad strategies are:

  • Search Ads: These ads show up when a visitor’s search query matches the ad related to it. The ads are displayed on top and bottom of search engine results.
  • Display Ads: These ads are displayed on visited webpages when the audience is consuming content related to ads. These adverts are in the form of images, videos and GIFs.

Paid ads are a quick and effective way to get desired actions from the audience, e.g., purchase, sign-ups etc.


Why Choose O3 Digital for digital marketing services?

O3 Digital is a renowned and trusted digital marketing company Australia that provides a premium and effective solution to SMBs and large enterprises.

Our team of experts helps your company reach a digital audience quickly and effectively. We develop a digital marketing plan that covers

  • Content marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing etc.

If you’re looking for innovative ways to bring more customers to your business, get in touch with our digital marketing team. Find out how our cost-effective services can be beneficial for your business.

Ways Small Businesses Can Leverage Content Marketing Services

Content marketing is more popular and effectively done in Australia than anywhere else. Marketers here spend more on content marketing and use various content marketing strategies.

Prosperity Media has shared some interesting facts related to blogging and content marketing:

  • For 55% of marketers blog content creation is top inbound marketing priority.
  • Content marketing results in 3X more leads than paid search advertising.

As per Genrore, here are the most used social media sties by 13+ year old users

  • Facebook – 90.31%
  • YouTube – 87%
  • Instagram – 47.81%
  • LinkedIn – 34.53%
  • Twitter – 30.81%

In July 2021 the daily average time on site for the leading sites are as under.

  • YouTube: 19+ minutes per day
  • Facebook: 18+ minutes per day
  • Instagram: 8+ minutes per day
  • LinkedIn: 11+ minutes per day

Taking these numbers into consideration helps in creating an effective content marketing strategy and also decide on the best channels to promote through content marketing services.

O3 Digital helps small businesses create the right content mix for productive digital content marketing.

Create Blogs and Publish Them on the Website

Content marketing starts here. An authoritative published on your website serves many purposes.

  • Boosts Ranking: A blog published on the website is interlinked with other relevant pages that improves SEO and ranking.
  • Establishes Authority: When a visitor makes a query on search engines, and comes across an authoritative blog in the result page, he spends time reading it, and may share it with others. Only an authoritative long-form blog can engage such visitors on and increase the possibility of further actions e.g., enquire about the product and service or call on the toll-free number
  • Improved Branding: When blogs are shared on social media, the audience reacts and post comments. The conversations contribute to better branding as the audience perceives your brand as a thought-leader in the industry.

Content Marketing

Share Images and Infographics on social media

Sharing an image on social media gets more engagement than a post with text alone.

  • B2C marketers can use featured product image content on social media to garner more interests in their products.
  • Most e-commerce sites post image teasers of soon-to-be launched products to create interest in the audience.
  • B2B marketers get more success by using infographics instead. Visual pointers can be focused easily and save time.

Video marketing on YouTube

It’s the most engaging form of content on social media. YouTube is the second-largest search engine of the world dedicated to sharing videos only. Video shared on Facebook, and other platforms are shorter, catchy and sharable as compared to YouTube. Video content marketing builds trust, brings more conversions and sales. Create videos with purpose and share.

  • Demonstration of products
  • Product usage training
  • Sharing customer reviews
  • Feature specific short videos
  • Live-streaming
  • Behind the scene sharing
  • Showcasing service etc.

Provide E-Books and Resources in PDF format

‘Gated Content’ is a term used for these content types. Once a visitor completes the registration form or contact-form, he can download the gated e-book or other resource. The details provided by visitors are used to interact further. B2B marketers can generate more leads with gating

  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Product specifications etc.

Send Emailers and Publish Podcasts

Every leading brand big or small offers email subscription. Emailer content updates the subscribers about the new products launches, feature updates, and customized offers etc.

Podcasts is another popular way of sharing audio content. You can release them regularly on a particular day of week every week. It’s like having your own ‘audio-channel’ in digital avatar. Create a podcast about the newly launched product, or create an audio tutorial that your audience can listen while using the product!

O3 Digital Content Marketing Service – Liberty to Create Your Own Content Mix

We are Australia’s premium digital marketing agency for SMBs and large enterprises. Since inception, we have powered the digital marketing initiatives of many businesses.

Leveraging our content marketing services, you can decide on the optimal content mix for effective content marketing strategy. Our ninjas execute this strategy and deliver business growth.

Speak to our consultant and find out how it works for your enterprise. Don’t forget to explore SEO, social media, and various other services that could be helpful.

5 Tips to Decide on the Best Mobile App Development Company in Australia

Australian smartphone user count is expected to reach 22 million users (~ 85.2% market penetration) in 2021 as per Red Search. Smartphones have dramatically changed the way business is being conducted online. More users are downloading the mobile apps for the services they need on a regular basis.

Apps helps them shop for desired products. Now they can easily filter the products based on their preferences. Mobile shopping is quick with entire transaction easily done online. It’s contact less, and there is no need to visit a physical store.

Businesses having a mobile app can better reach out to their target audience as compared to those with physical outlets. Moreover, a mobile experience, helps to gain the trust of customers. They’ll use the app in future transactions, increasing the brand loyalty. With 5G roll out done, m-commerce will be driven by mobile apps.

Choosing the right mobile app development company, is crucial in getting an app that delivers the best user experience and enhances brand loyalty.

1 – Find a development company that focuses on your business

There are many mobile app developers across Australia. Most of them focus on developing an app, though. That’s the difference between a customer-centric developer who in entirely focused on giving your customers an experience that will make them come back.

Understands Audience: An app designed to meet audience needs and expectations renders a smooth usage experience. Segmenting the audience before creating UI/UX designs ensures that the app is useful to different prospective customer who will use it.

Delivers Satisfying Customer Experience: The app design should deliver great customer experience. Engaging content, smooth navigation and glitch free usage lead to customer satisfaction. Satisfied customer will prefer to use the app, increasing brand loyalty and ROI.

Builds Brand with App: App based economy is a global trend. Many businesses have grown significantly with app only. An app brand is often associated as being trendy, convenient and youthful. An experienced app development company Australia knows how to deliver for business success.

2 – Check the portfolio of apps developed

Now it’s time to go through the apps developed by the company you selected. While exact app success metrics may vary from one company to the other, here are the most important ones to focus.

Performance: These metrics talk about the user experience of the app.

User and Usage: These offer visibility into the user and the demographic pattern.

Engagement: These metrics highlight how the users are engaging with the app.

Business: These metrics focus on the revenue flowing through the app.

It is best to focus on performance metrics and find out how the users are responding to the app. The app should be appealing to a large set of audience.

As a leading app developer, we ensure that the app doesn’t crash, isn’t slow and users find it easy to engage with.

3 – Look for Skills and Expertise

The mobile app development company should be well versed with the latest technologies and must be capable of delivering app for popular operating systems viz. Android and iPhone.

A company that follows a project management approach for creating and delivering an app is better for the task. It’s best to discuss the development stages with the project manager of the company. In most cases, the project manager is responsible for providing updates.

The delivery process assumes significance when you want to decide which way the app needs to be developed. However, a skilled team of developers who have delivered multiple projects in the past can be trusted.

As the leading mobile app development company in Australia, we have a team of experts who focus on your businesses and work on the app that delivers.

4 – Post Deployment Support and Maintenance

Even after the successful deployment and distribution of the app, changes may be required to implement the feedback and enhance the user experience.

Ask the app development company about the support that they offer after the deployment. We are a leading app development company that works until you get the desired results.

5 – Have a Budget and Decide on Pricing

While it is good to have a budget and ensure that the development costs are within it, but cost should be never the only deciding factor.

Choosing a low-cost app developer company can be a costly mistake if it fails to deliver. If you had to approach another company the costs can be too high.

When discussing on the price with the mobile app development company, following points must be considered.

Flexibility: Can the developer increase of decrease the budget based on the requirements? A rigid method of pricing can make you pay for the things you don’t need.

Transparency: There should be no hidden costs. Complete transparency in why and how of pricing builds trust.

Payment Models: It can be hourly, milestone based, or complete payment at once. Discuss with the developer to choose the best option.

Why choose O3 Digital for mobile app development?

O3 Digital is Australia’s leading digital marketing agency focused on your business growth. We begin with understanding of your audience. It helps our team to identify the factors that matter in the development.

Our team of experts work closely with you throughout the development life-cycle. Our project management approach values your feedback in various stages of app development.

We don’t follow a rigid pricing and offer various payment models to choose from.

Get in touch with our mobile app experts and build a loyal customer base for your brand.

Reasons Why You Should Trust Only the Best SEO Agency in Perth

Result is the ultimate differentiator when it comes to deciding on the best SEO company in Australia. Every business owner knows that creating a website is just the first step. Unless it appears on the search engine and the relevant audience find it on the first page, visit it, and performs actions, the results won’t be there. The business success is closely tied to SEO metrics and hence only the best SEO agency should be trusted for the task.

Best Agency Is Result-Focused

The best SEO agency Perth knows business relevance of key SEO metrics. It identifies the most important ones and works persistently to deliver a better ROI on marketing spend. Before engaging the agency it’s crucial to discuss which business relevant metrics will be focused. Here are some important ones:

Organic Traffic: The visitors that land on the website from unpaid sources. It may be from search engine, or any backlinks. The more the organic traffic comes from different sources, the better are the chances of conversion.

Conversion Rate: How many times a visitor signed up a newsletter, called, purchased from the e-commerce store? This metric tells it and must be tracked.

Number of Backlinks and New Referring Domains: It refers to the number of backlinks referring to the site. The more high-quality backlinks refer to a website, the higher it ranks on search engines. New referring domains are considered more valuable to more links from an existing referring domain.

Keyword Rankings: It refers to the ranking of website pages for targeted search queries. By researching right keywords for business, this best SEO agency Perth ensures that your website gets relevant traffic.

Click Through Rate (CTR): It is another key metric, which indicates the percentage of impressions on Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) that resulted in a click. For instance, if a website appears on the SERP for 100 times for different searches, but only one visitor clicked on it, it means the website has a CTR or 1%. The higher your website appears on the SERP higher is CTR.

Bounce Rate: It refers to the percentage of visitors that leave the site without taking action. For instance, there were 100 unique visits to the site, but 5 of them left the site without taking action. It means that the bounce rate is 5%. If the website is well-written and properly presented, with proper meta-descriptions, the bounce rate can be significantly lowered.

Domain Authority: It is an important factor indicating the credibility of a website. The higher the number the more authoritative the website is, and the higher Google ranks it. Domain Authority Checker tools indicate this number on a scale of 100. It depends on the backlinks profile and the content.

Several other important factors need to be considered e.g., Page Speed, Pages Visited Per Visit, Crawl Errors, On-Page Optimization Score.

Best SEO Agency Perth Has Expertise

The technical know-how of the agency and the capabilities move the needle for the SEO metrics that matter the most to business growth. Hence, it’s also crucial to find out what activities the agency will perform to reach the SEO goals.

Increasing Organic Traffic requires

  • Identifying the content issues and fixing them
  • Finding new keywords to target
  • Creating and posting blogs
  • Improving the architecture of the site and getting more sitelinks
  • Be present in featured snippets, etc.

More Conversions are achieved by

  • Giving social proof or testimonials
  • Leveraging brand personality, visuals and video to connect with the audience
  • Making it simple to sign-up, purchase, etc.
  • Using minimalist website design with relevant content
  • A/B testing the lead capture form, etc.

CTR is enhanced by

  • Research long-tail keywords
  • Writing effective meta-descriptions
  • Implement structured data
  • Creating posts with image
  • Using descriptive URL etc.

Bounce Rate is reduced by

  • Optimizing the payload time
  • Making content scannable
  • Optimizing for relevance
  • Including a single call-to-action
  • Using logical internal linking structure etc.

Domain Authority is enhanced by

  • Creating great content that other sites will like to refer
  • Promoting the content over social media
  • Implementing link-building strategy
  • Regularly guest blogging for reputable sites
  • Reducing low-quality links

Best Agency Has Delivered Projects

There are several practical issues that crop-up while implementing a SEO strategy in practical. Overcoming them and delivering the results in practice comes with experience. Even the best SEO company in Australia (like ours) had to understand the challenges of rendering SEO services in Perth to emerge as a trusted provider for the location.

Best Agency Puts You First

Prices of SEO services vary significantly from one SEO company to the other. However, the SEO agency Perth (e.g., O3 Digital) will understand the requirements fully before giving a price. Several activities need to be performed and they must be discussed so that the scope of work can be finalized beforehand. Usually, the price is provided in the final stage of discussion.

Best Agency Serves Promptly

Working with local SEO company offers many advantages. You can reach out the representatives to discuss any potential issues. Further, working with people who know the local businesses (or the competition) and improve the SEO strategy to get past it. Regular updates and progress reports also gauge to monitor and ensure that efforts are being made toward producing desired results.

Getting the best SEO agency Perth to work on your website ensures that the SEO goals will be met. Consequently, the desired business growth will be there too!

O3 Digital is a leading Australian digital marketing agency. The company has expertise in Local SEO and successfully delivered many projects across the continent.

Amazing Benefits of Opting PPC Advertising for Every Business

The most cost-efficient way to grow your audience to gain affiliates, ad revenue, brand awareness in a globalized and heavy economy is to be familiar with the benefits of PPC advertising. It is the most effective marketing tool to keep your budget healthy and enhance your web traffic at the same time.

It enables you to extend your reach by achieving marketing goals more easily and align website traffic to your end goals.  Hence, PPC supports many aspects of sales and stronger your relationship with your target audience through advertising.

Let us discuss some of the amazing benefits of PPC Advertising for your Business.

It helps your SEO strategy

You are allowed to test your keyword strategy in PPC before starting your long-term SEO strategies. The organic keywords are usually hidden due to privacy but with paid search, there is no such restriction to perform SEO. This helps you to get a complete overview of the keywords and allow you to improve all your website content without waiting for your content to get rank organically.

It allows you to retargeting

By keeping your product in your customer’s minds, you are increasing your chances of converting them into your customers. It allows you to see how users are interacting with your campaign and allows you to retarget those people who didn’t convert. As you are aware, that the user is already interested in your product, they just might need more time to make a decision. Showing relevant product ads through your highly-specific advertising PPC campaign will help users to remind what they are missing.

It offers multi-layered targeting options

PPC advertising puts multi metrics of the potential audience including the age, locations, interests, and demographics to make it easier to target specific individual profiles globally. With PPC campaigns, you are allowed to see who responds to your campaigns, and what platforms those individuals use. This enables you to hyper-target different audiences on platforms to convert best.

It leads to positive ROI 

PPC campaigns are easy to measure and monetized. which helps you to improve your ads till they produce a positive ROI.  Make sure to test different ads to find what can work better for you.  This will also help you to save more on PPC advertising than the returns you get. You can hire the best PPC company in Australia.

It Provides Instant traffic to your Business

Organically efforts are usually focused on content and can take months to grow your business however PPC Advertising helps you to see instant results. It Contributes to business goals and helps you to generates quick results by targeting the right audience at the right time.

Why hire o3 Digital for your PPC management services?

PPC advertising is an ever-expanding industry that is constantly changing which is why it’s paramount for agencies like o3 Digital to have the most up-to-date knowledge about the latest strategies and ways of reaching your target audience online. Keep your business afloat by opting our digital marketing services Australia. Our expert professional will make it easier and cost-effective than hiring, training, and managing an in-house team.