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The Difference between Remarketing Vs. Retargeting: What You Need to Know

With so much marketing technology around us, businesses are already reaching out to people who’ve already come in contact with their brand. Either they visited your site, saw an advertisement campaign by you, or have clicked on a PPC ad, brands have marketers are enabled to target them and market them again. If you are still looking to advertise, market, take your business online or need incredible ROI, join the best digital agency Australia to uplift your business.   

What is Remarketing? 

Remarketing is all about re-engaging your potential customers through email campaigns. From shopping cart abandonment email campaigns to upselling marketing emails remarketing brings your sales funnel. It is a popular method used by the marketers to target their ad campaigns to people who have visited their website before. This is why it is referred to as ‘re-marketing.’ Ionly targets people who have already shown interest in your business to generate more traffic to your site. Hiring an Instagram ad agency  can help your business to remarket more valuably. 

Advantages of Remarketing 

  • Retargeting for email campaigns have Higher conversion rates as 41% compared to the average eCommerce conversion rate of 1-2%. 
  • Recycling and repackaging your content marketing material will save your marketing on your product costs across the board. 
  • Remarketing emails generate nearly doubled revenue compared to non-targeted campaigns 

What is Retargeting? 

Retargeting is all about targeting people who have shown interest in your product or service but have not completed a transaction. Whether the interactions have done through visitors taking place on your site though clicking on the navigation or watching a video, it can be tracked by a snippet of code in browser called cookies. When the visitors leave your website, the browser cookie follows them to other search engines to monitor their other actions. And this is how it gathers the visitor’s data. Therefore, you have “retargeted” them in your advertising based on their previous interactions with your website. Businesses can either choose to enable cookies for all visitors or particular users that take a specific action. This helps to retain users that are interested in your brand and through retargeting, it serves to increase conversions and sales.  

Advantages of Remarketing 

  • It enhances your ability to advertise across the internet to reach website visitors with the most engaged parts.  
  • It offers you an additional discount to select more compelling ad copy, or changing your approach to make the sale. 
  • It stays at the top of customer’s mind to make your leads.  

The Conclusion of Remarketing and Retargeting  

Both are powerful branding and conversion optimization tools that works as the great part of a successful digital marketing strategy but they can’t drive people to your site. Overall, we have cleared that there is a big difference in both, the most essential thing to focus that whenever retargeting and remarketing is their shared, the motto has always been to re-engage with the potential audience that are interested in your brand. This not only increases your conversion rate but also enables you to target the users that mostly purchase from your brand

Boost Your Brand Awareness in 2021 with these Content Marketing Strategies

Content Marketing is a route to build your brand while content writers help businesses to get promoted and reach out to the attention of a wider audience of your business. It is an effective method to enhance an individual brand growth by improving business results. Brand awareness is an important part of this digital era and creating content strategies through blogs, case studies, emails, social media, webinars, etc. leads your businesses into a good sales funnel. Let us move forward with few Content Marketing Strategies that will help you to boost your brand awareness in 2021.

1. Leveraging your SEO

Performing search engine optimization for your content strategy is the best way to speak about your brand through digital marketing. Keep your website SEO friendly for your visitors by doing free of cost activities like submissions and keyword-based writings to create your brand awareness. Doing Paid SEO activities need to be done with a proper strategy by opting for the best digital agency in Australia that will help your business to find keywords relevant to your brand. Creating relevant content will let people search for things they’re looking for on SERP. Let your brand become visible on Google with the right content strategy through SEO.

2. Creating killer and Relevant Content

Not having a high quality can turn off your business marketing. Make sure your content is up to the mark else it will never help you with building your brand awareness and engagement. Always make your content by keeping your target audience in your mind to bridge the gap between your message and readers. Focus on their pain points and develop content that can solve their problems.

3. Creating an Email Marketing Strategy

Having an email marketing strategy especially for B2B emails, have an average open rate of about 15.1% with a 3.2% CTR. Your email marketing list of your visitors should be up-to-date and your CTAs should be bold and clear for your customers to bring conversion. Make sure that content should include a catchy subject line with a high level of customized content to provide offers for unique audience segments.

4. Creating a Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing has proven to be the most effective content strategy to skyrocket your business. Using Video marketing for your content helps you to promote your brand by enhancing your products and services. It not only increases your business engagement but also and educates your potential customers regarding your services. Prospects. It builds customers’ trust and credibility towards social shares. You can use case studies videos, explainer videos, or customer testimonials as a beginning. Try to use a clear call-to-action on your Instructional videos to instruct your users the way to your website or other web pages. Hiring an affordable web design services in australia will work as well.


All the strategies that we have mentioned above will surely help you to boost your brand awareness and that too in a cost-efficient manner. You can also come up with new campaigns and strategies to engage your audience through your content strategies. Hiring O2 as the best digital marketing agency in Australia will help you with a proper brand-boosting for your business.

How to Perform Digital Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the greatest places to perform network marketing and growing your business. The platform is used to build brand awareness and relationships by posting engaging content with potential customers. It’s all about business development, professional connections, and industry discussions. From business discussions to a growing email marketing list, LinkedIn boosts your marketing efforts and connections with consumers. Of course, you need to opt for the best digital agency australia, you need to understand why LinkedIn is essential for digital marketing.

Why LinkedIn is an important part of Digital Marketing?

LinkedIn is just not about marketing your products and services but connecting with huge professionals and industry experts. Having a marketing strategy specific to the platform is so important for digital marketing and to help you navigate LinkedIn as a marketing platform, we will help you to find new customers, professionals to grow your business by, representing 5 LinkedIn marketing tips to perform digital marketing.

  1. You will find highly targeted customers and connections
    As LinkedIn is a professional platform but targeting your audience there is the easiest way to build your marketing connections. By targeting the exact industry, company size, and job role, you will get to know who would buy your product or service. For example, selling customer support software to small businesses in the Indian region will only require an advertising campaign to showcase your businesses under 100 employees, based in India– and within that grouping, only to executives at those companies with a customer-support title.
  2. You will grow your email marketing list.
    LinkedIn writes a crafted letter to individual connection by saying “thank you for being connected on LinkedIn” and lets you message 50 people at a time. And this is how you can invite individuals to be a part of your email marketing list of personalization. Adding 300 connections in a week is a great way to start your email marketing.
  3. You can use sponsored updates.
    An excellent way to promote your business and target your audience is to create an engaging content audience with a strong call to action by using sponsored updates, your business can push their post on every individual’s LinkedIn feed. The PPC or 1,000′ impression feature on LinkedIn offers demographics similar to other social platforms by targeting their location, gender, and age. Another difference is that you customize your ad based on the individual’s company name, job title, job function, skills, and groups. You can filter out everything and can only target interest industries without competing against irrelevant companies and messages.
  4. You can post high-quality content.
    Using good content can be highly targeted and establish your business. A good piece of content will not only make your business stands out but will also provide more leads to more business. You just have to offer real value and useful information to your potential audience and people will automatically be yours. Join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your target demographic is a great way to save money when building relationships with potential clients. It will not only help you to know what your audience is talking about but will also enable you to message those group members even if you aren’t connected.
  5. You can make your business page stands out 
    Creating a LinkedIn profile and not maintaining is the worst. Your Business page should be updated regularly to make sure that your brand is running actively. From updating the right and complete information about your business to creating content and daily posting, your page should be consistent with your website and any other social media profiles too. Start with connections and then build relationships to nurture specific connections to grow the relationship.


Linked is a professional platform which is designed to establish and reinforce business relationship to add value in your digital marketing. Now that you are all set to use LinkedIn to perform Digital Marketing, let us help you to connect with the right digital marketing sydney or Australia for your online marketing services. Connect to us today.

6 Local SEO Tactics of 2021 to Rank Your Website

Defined as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), It helps you to rank and increase the online visibility of your website. The aim of SEO is to drive organic traffic and conversion rate to your site.

Why Local SEO Matters?

  • It helps you generate Quality leads from search engines, where people are actually looking to spend their money.
  • It builds an online reputation of your business and provide credibility to your brand.
  • Once you opt for the local seo for small business, you don’t have to spend much on it every day once it gets started. Your site will automatically generate “free” traffic.

Here are the best Local SEO tactics for 2021 that will help you to increase your organic search presence

1) The Customers Survey

Your local business can clearly understand the customer’s need and what changes can be done in the entire year. They will showcase what local products are having trouble with and which method of delivery would be most convenient for your customers. Customer survey will highlight your operation hours and which method customers can opt for as their preference as an AB testing.  You can think of many questions like these to help you extract the most possible insight into local needs.

2) The Genuine Reviews

Over 88% of consumers trust a business with real legit reviews and to improve your local search visibility you need to encourage customers to leave online reviews on your listings. Customer reviews are one of the essential ranking factors for a top local SEO company. Giving something valuable for free in exchange for a genuine review was the biggest strategy that businesses have played.

3) Starting Blogs

After realizing that creating blogs is a great way to exhibit your command in the field, businesses have provided users a great source of knowledge and information’s to get good traffic and reach on their site. Businesses have added the most effective strategies to their local search content in 2021 and blog post is one of them.

4) Improving the Loading Speed of the Website

The majority of the users do not wait for pages to load and back off.  Another local SEO tactic that is already sizzling up the businesses is improving the loading speed of the website. Search engines intend to deliver the best results to users and businesses have tested their site speed to know the loading time of their site to find out the average in 2021.

5) Managing reviews accurately 

This local SEO tactic has worked with real-time quality control data for businesses and has enabled you to keep a running tally of your incoming new reviews to your business locations. It has also helped in monitoring the local business profiles for any complaints or queries and solving issues that can increase businesses’ chances to retain customers.

6) Targeting Local Keywords

One of the basics of 2021 local SEO tactics is targeting the local keywords for businesses. Organizations are already using longer tail keywords and have too started using short keywords based on their location, businesses and search engine.

How to Win Your Small Business with Digital Marketing?

The concept of starting or having a small business is a blessing. You are privileged if you have a small business or working under one. Having a small business is a gift yet stressful where you have to manage things on your own. On one side, you don’t have to work under someone or don’t have to follow anyone’s command. But at the same time, the challenge is tough.

Expanding your business reach and connecting with your target audience in multiple ways to boost your business rightfully is a tough task. Your audience is online and they are already browsing webs to look for interesting products and services. Hence, this showcases the importance of digital marketing and you have to opt for it to defend yourself from the risk of losing your customers to your competitors. Let us help you with a few tips to win your small business with digital marketing.

  1. Performing Search Engine Marketing

    The most organic way to enhance your business performance is to increase your website visibility. Doing Search engine marketing helps you improve traffic, conversion rates, and brand awareness. It makes your business recognizable through Google My Business where people can search for your products or services and will find you with your complete details to get in touch with your small business. This also improves your customer experience. You can even go or an affordable seo agency to generate good results.

  2. Sharing Locally Focused Content

    Effective content can help you to build a strong customer relationship for your small business. Make sure to create well-crafted contents that highlight topics related to your business. This will help you to draw traffic to your website and boost your social media accounts. You can write short blogs, social media captions, articles, and other content methods to create locally-focused content.

  3. Creating Genuine Connections

    No matter how small your business is, but connecting with customers related to your brand is mandatory. Avoid using complicated language or difficult words. Rather than express your opinion try to create a personal business touch through your social media and website blogs to remain to stand out. This digital marketing method will help you to create and connect with your genuine customers where your viewers are more likely to share your content.

  4. Highlighting your Online Reviews

    The majority of all online shoppers use reviews to determine what products to buy and which services to purchase. In general, an individual customer reads 6-7 reviews before trusting a business. an increase from six in the previous year. Asking your existing customers to write reviews and highlighting them to your site will influence other consumers to trust your business and make a purchase. This will lead to improved profits for your small businesses.

Hope this article will help you to win your small business from scratch. Either you have a business or planning to start one, you can hire an affordable agency that performs digital marketing in australia for a better business response.

The Hottest Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

So, we all have finally made it to 2021, after such a roller coaster pandemic. In a world of over 4.5 billion people who are internet users, digital marketing is one of the most potent marketing forms in our era. Moreover, most of the world’s internet traffic is generated via marketing.

Thus, if you want to stay steps ahead of your competitors, then you need to follow the proper marketing trends and hire a best digital agency australia. From structuring your social media campaign content to marketing optimization, it’s time to look ahead to what we can expect from the next 12 months. Let’s cover the hottest digital marketing trends of 2021 and see what’s still in and what won’t.

Live-streaming and influencing

Who said staying at home is boring? We understand that your events list has been canceled and you are no longer be able to socialize in a huge crowd due to the current situation but thanks to the influencers who are entertaining us through live streams. This is the greatest digital marketing trend that will keep the brand, influencer united through the social media platform. orders meant events were canceled, and consumers were unable to attend in-person events. During Lockdown, 50% of the audience have attended facebook live viewing. Seems, there’s a good chance we’ll see this digital marketing trend continue to play out in 2021.

The Featured snippets & no-click searches

For many years, the SEO was supposed to get your listing on the first page of Google through the Search Engine result page. Talking about 2021, SEO aims to shift its visibility to Position Zero. By saying this term, we mean that the user won’t have to click the entire site. They can go through the featured snippet that is separated by a small box where everything can be seen at the top. This will include the site’s display, authentic information with the attempt at answering the user’s question without them needed to click on it.”

Relevant and Interactive content

Of course, content is the king of marketing and will remain evergreen for the next ten years. The trend was present for years but has started being famous for a while. Interactive content helps your business to promote more engagement according to your target audience. You can create blogs, PDFs, quizzes, surveys, contests, giveaways, polls, calculator widgets, and what not to do wonders for your brand. Relevant content increases the length of time users engage with you, which helps your business to engage with your potential audience. Adopting this trend in 2021 will improve your user experience.

Opting Images and video SEO for visual searches

Do you know how to get images and videos? Through typing the word in the search bar and, Bingo! but did you know you can also submit the images for a search? And can even take original photos and search for their context? The more users are discovering to discover these visual search trends, it is changing the entire landscape of SEO in 2021. Even seo services in australia have too started this trend.

As the best branding company australia, we recommend you to Keep checking o2 digital blogs throughout the year to stay trendy and aware of the latest digital marketing trends.

Digital marketing breathes new life into advertising in Pandemic

Marketing through Digital has been happening in the last 7-8 years and has been active the most during the pandemic. It has created a great impact on advertising and business sectors in both positive and negative impacts. People who were used to perform traditional marketing were stuck at home and realize the importance of a digital presence. From cooking videos to learning new skills, people have done almost every activity to entertain themselves and endure this pandemic. While some are still striving hard to opt for the online platform and waiting for the situation to be normal again, (Which won’t happening at least for a year) others businesses are preparing not to just survive but also emerge as winners during Covid-19.

The everyday rising of covid-19 has completely destroyed the physical shops, MNC’s and local business. It has urged companies to save their budget by cutting down their traditional advertising costs. At the same time, digital branding agency have been a hit because of getting more and more clients who have switched from offline to online presence. On the other side, advertising agencies have too associated with Data/Tech platforms and have present their business marketing strategies to help brands connect better with their target audience. This has also aimed to reach good revenue and reach. Let’s go through Few agencies that have collaborated with the brands during the pandemic.

  • FCB India which is one of the greatest online branding company has partnered with experiential digital agency XP&D Interactive for organizing events, conferences, and product launches online.
  • Few Travel Agencies who were not going so well because of covid-19 has impacted traveling has too started increasing their content production by putting travel blogs and contest on their social channels. They have also collaborated with the wanderers to enhance their social reach. This also proves that nothing can stop a business/brand to run their platform until they are following the right path to build their customer relationship.
  • Famous creative agency “Leo Burnett” has also launched three verticals including digital, consulting, and design. They have also created a “short-term thinking model” called 0-3-6 which will help businesses to grow their brand in the next three months, and after-six-month with a proper strategic plan, execution and through affordable social media marketing.
  • Digital agency Dentsu Webchutney has also launched an innovative virtual internship program Interns from Home in June. In that internship, the agency has selected 50 interns to represent the future of advertising.

Talking about other marketing modules, Influencer marketing also started to drive an amazing response by creating on-point brand strategies through social media and content. Shirish Agarwal who is ahead of the marketing and brand of Panasonic India has said that “Social media, influencer marketing, and content marketing, which drive the usage of products, has been our key focus this year and this will continue in future,”.

Covid-19 has created big chaos in the world and people are struggling a lot, one good thing has happened too. Traditional brands who were not finding online marketing important has now started hiring experts for digital marketing in australia. People have been quarantined but their businesses are still going well. This pandemic has to push consumers to stay connected with the business and market without interrupting the sales perspective.

As we all have moved on to 2021, we cannot change the fact that Businesses are going to struggle for well around a year as they have to make up for their losses and comebacks. But we have also realized how switching to online marketing can raise your business with a high return on investment and advertising expenditure. Seems, the true winners have been people who have chucked the traditional noise and adopted authentic, engaging, and creative messages through online marketing.

Are you Looking for an affordable digital marketing agency for your business? Connect us now.

4 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Business Through Digital Marketing

The recent pandemic has driven economies to the brink of a global recession. What started as a mild slowdown could now potentially turn out to be an economic avalanche. According to a recent report published in The New York Times, Australia has plunged into its first recession in 30 years. Another study published by Fast Company suggests that 21% of business leaders predicted an economic downturn in the next two years for the world economy. So, the economic recession is very much a reality today and can severely damage businesses all over the world.   

The good news is that like every recession in history; this will also run its course and fade away. While the economy is in recession, businesses tend to be cautious of expenditure and adopt more austere measures to sail against the winds. This is crucial; however, it cannot be a permanent solution. Like in life, business leaders also need to hope for a good time. But it is equally important to prepare for the worst. Therefore, making business recession-proof through various digital marketing initiatives is a way to adopt today.  

How can digital marketing help you sail against the winds 

In times of recessions, consumers deliberate much before putting their money on any endeavour. They look for the reputation and trust that a company has made in the market before choosing it as a partner. Therefore, the chances to attract potential customers solely rest on the reputation you have built in the marketplace, the visibility you have achieved and the message you send to your target audience. Digital marketing is one such platform from which you combine brand building with a smart media strategy to get through trying times of downturn.  

To keep you sailing through this, your potential customers should know that you are the best option they have got in the market to do business. Positive brand building initiatives by professional digital marketers can be a game-changer in these times. Your lead generating activities through social media optimization and SEO activities can put you on the growth path even if your deals are not closed immediately. If you have leads at a slowdown time, you will have something to work on rather than having no opportunities when things are booming again.  


Digital marketing efforts at a time of recessions  

Aim for wider reach  

Today almost everybody is online and businesses have their online presence. Pandemic has also fueled digital transformation and many marketing teams are entirely reliant on digital marketing. Getting wider reach for your business was never so convenient and indispensable, especially with widespread digital transformations. Multiple channels such as websites, social media, email, newsletters, etc. are handy in gaining wider reach for your business.      

Invest in targeted marketing  

Traditionally, the business was all about going out and selling your products or services in the local market. Digital marketing changed them all. Now the entire world is your potential market. Therefore, it is more crucial to focus on targeted marketing. To bolster our business prospects, we need to up-skill our digital capabilities and focus our business according to the target customers’ demographics, interests, and age group. Target marketing paves the way to reach your customers and serve them directly.  

Work on data-driven insights   

Even in times of recession, knowing your customers and their preferences is critical. This can help in creating fool-proof marketing strategies to fulfil their requirements. Smart use of data gathering and tracking programs such as Google Analytics will give a comprehensive data-driven insight, so you learn about the pattern of sales reports and consumer trends. Through this, you can track the best performing campaigns and continue running them so that business remains trickling in during times of recession as well.  

Work on Customer Retention  

There is no denying that getting a new customer in an economic slowdown is an uphill task. The best and probably only way to sustain the tough times is to retain customers. The best businesses in the world thrive on repeat customers. An increase of 5% in customer retention can bring 25% to 95% more in profits. Therefore, retaining and keeping your customer engaged are the ways to go if you want to make your business recession-free. Customer engagement can be enhanced through promoting interaction on various digital channels, including discounts on your website, targeted high-quality content, informative emailers, entertaining social media posts, etc. Also, following up with customers after purchase to know customer experience can go a long way in client retention 

Recession is no daily share market crashes that the economy may recover just as quickly. Yes, recessions are also not a permanent phenomenon and fade away, but their repercussions are far-reaching and can debilitate a nation’s economy. In these times, you have to build and defend your brand image through smart digital marketing strategies. O3 Digital is one of Australia’s reputed digital marketing agencies, which helps you increase your online reach and leverage its expertise and experience in SEO and social media marketing. 

How to Earn Your Place in Google’s Index in 2020

Getting your website classified in Google index is possibly the first and foremost goal of any up-and-coming business website. Digital marketers also use different tactics and methods to get it done ASAP. While there are many ways marketers can opt in their quest of how to get ranked on Google, but it is also the responsibility of key individuals in an organisation to understand the ranking process, so they can expect realistic results. 

Let us discuss a few of them: 

How Google Indexing Works 

Google index can be compared to a massive library that is larger than all the physical and virtual libraries in the world combined. And the index contains billions and billions of website pages and information. Now it’s Goggle’s job to pick up and show the most relevant ones according to the search queries. In such a humongous pool of information, Google has to constantly search and identify for the new content along with the deleted one to keep the library updated. And in all this hotchpotch, businesses with a new website have to index their website into Google index to make it appear in search queries.  

Moving forward to the problems that businesses and marketers face when trying to earn their place in Google index in 2020; we can see that there are some methods that everyone can use to make your website more ‘searchable’ and speed up the indexing process. Here’s a detailed overview of Google indexing factors 2020 

1. Create and Submit a Sitemap 

Creating an XML sitemap can be effective to get your website indexed fast. To better understand this factor, managers have to know that a sitemap is a list of all the important pages on your website written in Extensible Markup Language (XML) format for making it easier for search engines to find and understand them. 

A sitemap helps search engine bots and algorithms navigate through your website easily. This way, they can discover new content and start indexing website pages. It improves your overall visibility on search engines such as Google and Bing and ranks new pages without any backlinks. The best part of creating sitemap is that Google offers sitemap submission facility in which businesses can manually submit their sitemaps that speeds up the indexing process and increases the probability of appearing in search engine results. 

2. Remove Nofollow Tags 

There are also times when Google bots cannot crawl through your website pages and it becomes a cause for the delay in indexing. This happens because your website pages have internal links containing a rel= nofollow tag. This tag doesn’t allow search engine bots to crawl through and in turn, your page doesn’t get indexed. 

Hence, Google servers do not receive any indexing data about the page and that page doesn’t appear in search results. The best and quite simple way to tackle this issue is to check your internal links for nofollow tags. Once you remove these, Google bots can easily follow the link and discover the content on the webpage. 

3. Misplaced NOINDEX Tags 

NOINDEX tags are a big reason that restricts the indexing process. This is like, you yourself are not allowing Google to index your website pages. As a result, it won’t store the page on Google database or show on the search engine results. Therefore, if any page on your site has a misplaced NOINDEX tag, it will prevent it from indexing and ranking as Google won’t include it in its index. To check for a NOINDEX tag, go to the <head> section of your webpage and look for the meta tag containing NOINDEX. 

4. Don’t Forget to Check for Robots.txt File 

After NOINDEX, you have to check for the robots.txt file. This robots.txt file tells Google bots where they can go and where they can’t go on the website. You just have to add robots.txt at the end of your website URL and you can see if it exists or not. If the code exists, you have to delete it so that Google bots can crawl and indexing can start from now on. 

Google indexing seems quite a basic thing to most businesses and marketers, but it is not. Marketers have to be prepared for issues that are a result of mere ignorance or human errors and tackle those as soon as possible to get the website indexed and appear in search engine results as soon as they can. O3 Digital is the best SEO company in Australia that believes in maintaining transparency in processes and communication, cultivating longlasting relationships, speedy communication, discipline in commitment and a solution-focused attitude. 

How Do Social Media Algorithms Actually Work?

Social media algorithms are quite similar to a data puzzle just waiting to be solved for many social media experts and marketers. And for businesses, they can also be a nightmare because they don’t know what’s going to hold their content down. On the other hand, algorithms of social media platforms may seem helpful to the average social media user as they assist to navigate through content and only receive relevant content rather than random posts. 

Such algorithm issues are often quite hard for even marketers to understand as they are in constant struggle with algorithms and often user trial and error methods for getting the job done. Many times, their campaigns pick up the pace from the very start, whereas in other cases, it may take from a couple of months to a quarter to even a campaign to start showing results. The silver lining in all this is that social media algorithms are not as mysterious or spiteful as business owners often think. 

Here is a detailed break up of information regarding social media algorithms and how we can understand them better for greater results. 

Understanding Social Media Algorithms 

As simple as it can be; an algorithm is a set of mathematical equations that specifies the behaviour of a batch of dataOn social media, algorithms help maintain order and not to mention their role in deriving search results’ ranking and advertisements. Social media platforms use algorithms that direct pages and content to be displayed in a certain order. 

With billions of users worldwide, social media platforms have to manage and monitor a humongous number of online users every minute. Such a task is humanely impossible, which makes complex algorithms quite crucial in the overall management of content and data. In any case, only these big social media platforms truly understand how their algorithms work, but still, there’s a window for social media experts and strategists. They can identify patterns through case studies that reflect patterns in user behaviour, the type of content, advertisement display, distribution of advertisement, and so on. 

Therefore, there’s a need to closely observe and understand the patterns in key social media platforms across the globe. Here’s a detailed analysis of the functioning of algorithms of a few major social media players. 

Social Media


Facebook’s algorithm layout is focussed around meaningful customer management. The algorithm is created for intensifying the significance of local, familialfriendly posts for improved viewership instead of business-oriented content. On the other hand, paid content that is usually business-oriented is ranked separately. However, even that content revolves around better user engagement, response and relevance to the content 

This shows a pattern in which the algorithms are directed towards creating and circulating user-friendly content. The algorithm also looks after spam management as its discarding of more than 500 million fake accounts since 2018-19 shows its concern and effectiveness of algorithms. 


Quite different from Facebook, Pinterest follows a different layout and follower strategy, which focuses on a guided search method using the data collected from previous user interactions to encourage new engagements 

For instance, if a user had previously viewed wedding hairstyles, then the Pinterest algorithms are more likely to show more wedding hairstyles the next time that user logs in.  

The benefit of such an interest-based algorithm ithat it always shows the user something they already like. This pushes content that is more likely to be consumed and enjoyed. 


LinkedIn is a leader in the professional world of B2B marketing which is recognised by all unanimously. This is a social platform dedicated to networking. Whether it is about connecting job-seekers to employers or service providers to clients, LinkedIn facilitates business-related interaction; even for the Fortune 500 companies. 

LinkedIn utilised an algorithm that uses connection and engagement as a benchmark. This algorithm and its tracking are so strong that it only focuses on relevant content. This is proven by incidents where despite not having a lot of links in someone’s networking chain, they can still build their network later if they have read-worthy content. 

No matter how much speculation and patterning goes into the minds of social media experts, social media algorithms will continue to challenge them and keep them on their toes. In any case, understanding algorithms and their functioning is crucial for growing your social presence in the long runIn such a scenario, SMO experts in Australia will have to do anything that they can to stay in the good graces of each network’s algorithm. 

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