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How to Earn Your Place in Google’s Index in 2020

Getting your website classified in Google index is possibly the first and foremost goal of any up-and-coming business website. Digital marketers also use different tactics and methods to get it done ASAP. While there are many ways marketers can opt in their quest of how to get ranked on Google, but it is also the responsibility of key individuals in an organisation to understand the ranking process, so they can expect realistic results. 

Let us discuss a few of them: 

How Google Indexing Works 

Google index can be compared to a massive library that is larger than all the physical and virtual libraries in the world combined. And the index contains billions and billions of website pages and information. Now it’s Goggle’s job to pick up and show the most relevant ones according to the search queries. In such a humongous pool of information, Google has to constantly search and identify for the new content along with the deleted one to keep the library updated. And in all this hotchpotch, businesses with a new website have to index their website into Google index to make it appear in search queries.  

Moving forward to the problems that businesses and marketers face when trying to earn their place in Google index in 2020; we can see that there are some methods that everyone can use to make your website more ‘searchable’ and speed up the indexing process. Here’s a detailed overview of Google indexing factors 2020 

1. Create and Submit a Sitemap 

Creating an XML sitemap can be effective to get your website indexed fast. To better understand this factor, managers have to know that a sitemap is a list of all the important pages on your website written in Extensible Markup Language (XML) format for making it easier for search engines to find and understand them. 

A sitemap helps search engine bots and algorithms navigate through your website easily. This way, they can discover new content and start indexing website pages. It improves your overall visibility on search engines such as Google and Bing and ranks new pages without any backlinks. The best part of creating sitemap is that Google offers sitemap submission facility in which businesses can manually submit their sitemaps that speeds up the indexing process and increases the probability of appearing in search engine results. 

2. Remove Nofollow Tags 

There are also times when Google bots cannot crawl through your website pages and it becomes a cause for the delay in indexing. This happens because your website pages have internal links containing a rel= nofollow tag. This tag doesn’t allow search engine bots to crawl through and in turn, your page doesn’t get indexed. 

Hence, Google servers do not receive any indexing data about the page and that page doesn’t appear in search results. The best and quite simple way to tackle this issue is to check your internal links for nofollow tags. Once you remove these, Google bots can easily follow the link and discover the content on the webpage. 

3. Misplaced NOINDEX Tags 

NOINDEX tags are a big reason that restricts the indexing process. This is like, you yourself are not allowing Google to index your website pages. As a result, it won’t store the page on Google database or show on the search engine results. Therefore, if any page on your site has a misplaced NOINDEX tag, it will prevent it from indexing and ranking as Google won’t include it in its index. To check for a NOINDEX tag, go to the <head> section of your webpage and look for the meta tag containing NOINDEX. 

4. Don’t Forget to Check for Robots.txt File 

After NOINDEX, you have to check for the robots.txt file. This robots.txt file tells Google bots where they can go and where they can’t go on the website. You just have to add robots.txt at the end of your website URL and you can see if it exists or not. If the code exists, you have to delete it so that Google bots can crawl and indexing can start from now on. 

Google indexing seems quite a basic thing to most businesses and marketers, but it is not. Marketers have to be prepared for issues that are a result of mere ignorance or human errors and tackle those as soon as possible to get the website indexed and appear in search engine results as soon as they can. O3 Digital is the best SEO company in Australia that believes in maintaining transparency in processes and communication, cultivating longlasting relationships, speedy communication, discipline in commitment and a solution-focused attitude. 

How Do Social Media Algorithms Actually Work?

Social media algorithms are quite similar to a data puzzle just waiting to be solved for many social media experts and marketers. And for businesses, they can also be a nightmare because they don’t know what’s going to hold their content down. On the other hand, algorithms of social media platforms may seem helpful to the average social media user as they assist to navigate through content and only receive relevant content rather than random posts. 

Such algorithm issues are often quite hard for even marketers to understand as they are in constant struggle with algorithms and often user trial and error methods for getting the job done. Many times, their campaigns pick up the pace from the very start, whereas in other cases, it may take from a couple of months to a quarter to even a campaign to start showing results. The silver lining in all this is that social media algorithms are not as mysterious or spiteful as business owners often think. 

Here is a detailed break up of information regarding social media algorithms and how we can understand them better for greater results. 

Understanding Social Media Algorithms 

As simple as it can be; an algorithm is a set of mathematical equations that specifies the behaviour of a batch of dataOn social media, algorithms help maintain order and not to mention their role in deriving search results’ ranking and advertisements. Social media platforms use algorithms that direct pages and content to be displayed in a certain order. 

With billions of users worldwide, social media platforms have to manage and monitor a humongous number of online users every minute. Such a task is humanely impossible, which makes complex algorithms quite crucial in the overall management of content and data. In any case, only these big social media platforms truly understand how their algorithms work, but still, there’s a window for social media experts and strategists. They can identify patterns through case studies that reflect patterns in user behaviour, the type of content, advertisement display, distribution of advertisement, and so on. 

Therefore, there’s a need to closely observe and understand the patterns in key social media platforms across the globe. Here’s a detailed analysis of the functioning of algorithms of a few major social media players. 

Social Media


Facebook’s algorithm layout is focussed around meaningful customer management. The algorithm is created for intensifying the significance of local, familialfriendly posts for improved viewership instead of business-oriented content. On the other hand, paid content that is usually business-oriented is ranked separately. However, even that content revolves around better user engagement, response and relevance to the content 

This shows a pattern in which the algorithms are directed towards creating and circulating user-friendly content. The algorithm also looks after spam management as its discarding of more than 500 million fake accounts since 2018-19 shows its concern and effectiveness of algorithms. 


Quite different from Facebook, Pinterest follows a different layout and follower strategy, which focuses on a guided search method using the data collected from previous user interactions to encourage new engagements 

For instance, if a user had previously viewed wedding hairstyles, then the Pinterest algorithms are more likely to show more wedding hairstyles the next time that user logs in.  

The benefit of such an interest-based algorithm ithat it always shows the user something they already like. This pushes content that is more likely to be consumed and enjoyed. 


LinkedIn is a leader in the professional world of B2B marketing which is recognised by all unanimously. This is a social platform dedicated to networking. Whether it is about connecting job-seekers to employers or service providers to clients, LinkedIn facilitates business-related interaction; even for the Fortune 500 companies. 

LinkedIn utilised an algorithm that uses connection and engagement as a benchmark. This algorithm and its tracking are so strong that it only focuses on relevant content. This is proven by incidents where despite not having a lot of links in someone’s networking chain, they can still build their network later if they have read-worthy content. 

No matter how much speculation and patterning goes into the minds of social media experts, social media algorithms will continue to challenge them and keep them on their toes. In any case, understanding algorithms and their functioning is crucial for growing your social presence in the long runIn such a scenario, SMO experts in Australia will have to do anything that they can to stay in the good graces of each network’s algorithm. 

O3 Digital is the best SEO media agency in Australia that believes in maintaining transparency in processes and communication, cultivating longlasting relationships, speedy communication, discipline in commitment and solutionsfocused attitude. Their processes and dedicated staff have been the driving force behind their goal of achieving clients objectives such as increasing their traffic, leads, and revenue to maximise ROI.


4 Tips to Optimise Your Business Facebook Page

Social media is as much a marketing landscape today as a traditional one. And among all, Facebook is still one platform that gives businesses the traction and lead they deserve. After all, it is home to more than 2 billion monthly active users across the globe and Facebook marketing for businesses is one of the most viable digital marketing options today. Whether it is about setting up a new page for your up and coming business or you want to revamp an existing one, it’s a great initiative. 


However, no matter how simple it might seem, setting up a Facebook business page requires a detailed strategy that covers all the possible aspects needed for maximum retention and engagement. This is because not having a comprehensive strategy for your business’s Facebook page reduces the probability of lead generation and customer engagement. 

Here are a few useful tips tmake your business Facebook page the best ican be. 

Tip – 1: Don’t Ignore the Significance of Filling out the Basic Information 

When creating a Facebook page, it asks for the basic information categorically for ‘business’ and ‘personal’ pages. After that, you can enter basic information such as the name of the page, category of the business (industry), address and contact information. Here, you have to keep in mind that you will not be able to change the page name later, so you’ll have to be careful about it. In addition, fill in all the details cautiously in one go as changing basic details too often also negatively impacts the customers. 

Tip – 2: Add a Catchy Profile and Cover Photo 

The profile photo cannot exceed the resolution of 170 px X 170 px with square dimensions. Similarly, the cover photo has to be in the landscape dimensions with the best resolution of 820 px X 462 pxHere, you have to be quite aware that the images you are using must be in-line with your industry, business and of course, the content that you are going to post on a regular basis. In addition, never ever post a cover or profile photo of your business’s founder, CEO as it is often considered unprofessional among clients. 

Tip – 3: Don’t Miss Out on Page Details 

As soon as you’ve completed the previously-mentioned steps, Facebook will pop-up a few tips to help you complete your overall page set up. However, you can also go to the ‘settings’ and choose and fill fields such as Description, Category, Contact Information, Location, Hours (time frame when you/page admin is available for interaction), and more (in-case you want to specify the price range, products/services description, other information, etc.). All these details will be displayed on your ‘about’ page and therefore, you’ve got to be entering information that is precise and extremely relevant. 

Also, do not forget to add a username to your page as it will automatically create a separate, unique URL that you can share with your clients and customers. And not to forget the ‘add a button’ option as it allows you to add a custom CTA that your clients and customers can use to send messages or even make phone calls. 

Tip – 4: Add a Personal Touch 

This is one of the critical steps as customising your Facebook page with all the possible UX, UI elements will help a visitor better engage with your marketing goal and message. You can use different free and/or paid templates that will add a certain look and feel to the page. It will convey the type of products and/or services and services to the visitors and will also make your brand stand out from the competition. Here, the key is not to add the best design or images to your template; instead, it should be about making it more user-friendly and in-line with the overall marketing strategy.  

Developing smart Facebook marketing strategy and implementing it is one thing and they being successful is another. Therefore, marketers need to regularly monitor and adapt their strategy so that they can measure its proficiency and make changes accordingly.  

O3 Digital is the best social media marketing agency in Australia that believes in maintaining transparency in processes and communication, cultivating longlasting relationships, discipline in commitment and solutionfocused attitude. Their Facebook business page management service can be considered one of the best in the industry as their dedicated staff has been the driving force behind their goal of achieving clients objectives such as increasing their traffic, leads and revenue to maximise ROI. 


How to Create & Optimize Blog Posts That Convert

There is no doubt that the secret to a great blog depends majorly on its content quality. But sometimes, despite excellent quality content, a blog might not fetch the right result and able to convert well. Many SEO Agencies and Content marketing companies in Australia face this type of problem.

Do you face this problem too? If yes, then you don’t have to worry about it anymore. In this blog, you can find the solution you are looking for.

Although content is the king behind the success of a blog, sometimes, this king needs to be accompanied and guided by other digital marketing factors as well. Here we’ve mentioned a few tips that will allow you to write and optimize blog posts that convert.

      • Study the target audience: This should be the first step before any person or writer begins the process of writing a blog. The writer must understand and know who the audience is and what they are looking for. Instead of just simply guessing about what the audience wants, the writer must first do proper industry research and competitor analysis. And for the benefit of the writer, there are tons of resources available out there that can be used to make the industry research process easier.
      • Use compelling headlines: The headline of a blog plays a major role in catching the attention of the readers towards your blog. This means that if you don’t have a compelling headline, then there’s a good chance that your blog post will not be read or shared. So, if you want your blog to be a success, then you must first come up with a striking and unique headline. There are some very useful applications and tools available for this purpose from which you can take help.
      • Add images: It is a common human tendency to process visual content faster than text-based content. That is why, adding captivating images to your content can help in boosting blog engagement. But avoid going with a generic photo and try to include a photo that can engage your audience and trigger emotions in a unique way.
      • Optimize for SEO: Every professional blog writer in Australia would know how important and beneficial SEO practices are for a blog. It is essential to optimize your blog according to the SEO ranking factors in order to maximize the SEO rankings. You can take help from SEO blog marketing agency for this purpose. Also, here are some of the tips that you can follow:
        1. Add a proper meta title
        2. Add a proper meta description
        3. Optimize for focused keywords
        4. Use related keyword variation
        5. Add alt-text to your images
        6. Embed internal links to your other content

    Optimize Blog Posts

O3 Digital Marketing Agency

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By taking advantage of our wide range of digital marketing services and SEO techniques, you will be able to create blogs that will lead to more traffic to your webpage.

The Latest Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Today digital marketing requires as much focus and effort as any traditional marketing method. The reasons are pretty simple. The number of internet users is increasing day-by-day along with the average time that they spend online. This year, COVID-19 made people spend their maximum time on websites related to news; almost double, whereas, the time spent on OTT platforms has also witnessed a spike. These changing trends along with remote working among everything else are enough to influence digital marketing strategies and trends across the globe.

Talking about the rising trends, social media has become an integral part of digital marketing. And people across the globe are utilising best smo services in Australia that provides the methods and trends to earn money and generate revenue for their businesses. And here are a few drivers related to social media that are influencing digital marketing trends in 2020.

COVID-19 and Digital Marketing

Multinational companies have suffered heavy losses as they had to cancel orders/performances/shows/events and whatnot. Digital marketing came out as an apparent champion and companies who didn’t even have any social media page have now started online trading on various social media platforms. The key aspect in all this is flexibility that allows businesses to adopt and change their strategy as per the need of the time.

Creating Marketable Content

Old-school content formats are fading away and both customers and businesses are refusing to support fake advertisements, testimonials and press releases. Businesses are hiring graphic designers, content writers and other types of content creators who can make the content more appealing and attention-worthy. Today more and more people (who may be existing and/or potential customers for many businesses) are coming online. They are regularly streaming videos and movies and are also quite active on other social media platforms. Such a huge user base can be tapped into through content that is relevant, trendy and of course marketable.

Promoting User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is always unspecified; it can be text, videos, images, advertisements, all designed by the people. Platforms such as Instagram and YouTube are full of all types of great customer-generated content that can play a crucial role in promoting credibility and improving your marketing strategy. It establishes trust among your clients as the majority of people trust the recommendations and opinions from other users that might be creating/promoting content/products related to your business.

Taking things forward from here, Influencers and bloggers are the best sources when it comes to user-generated content. Influencer marketing is one of the most reliable methods to instantly intensify your marketing campaign and boost awareness. According to Forbes, today influencer marketing is evolving faster than digital advertisements. Also, importance is placed on leveraging an enterprise leaders’ supporters to promote growth.

It is more of a word of mouth advertising that revolves around making full use of the potential of a few pioneers to enhance your brand image for a bigger market. Influencers can help spread the news about the business and/or products through various social channels. Influencer promotion is more real and trustworthy than corporate publicising as more customers trust influencers’ assessments of products and/or services more than typical brand promotions.


Most websites on the internet today rely on chatbots for primary interaction with their clients and customers. The need for employing a customer-attendant becomes negligible. Still, businesses can employ customer support executives for after-sales support and for situations where human intervention is an essential. Responses provided by chatbots are immediate, precise and they can also provide review customers’ entire purchasing history. These are humble helpers that offer exceptional client care by living up to clients’ expectations and robotising redundant operations.


Every image, caption, video and everything that you can consider as ‘content’ has to have a strong connection with the brand and its vision. All of these aspects have to be well-planned before it is being published on any platform. The reason for such reforms is the changing digital marketing trends in 2020 as many visitors get irritated with conventional publicising impacts. For instance, the intensity of personalisation clearly reflects in brands such as Netflix and Amazon with their custom-made suggested items or multimedia titles.

Like any other industry, digital marketing worldwide is also going through paradigm changes. Staying at home and remote working has induced changes in people’s online behaviour and marketers have to understand and adopt accordingly. Although some of the changes are new and marketers also didn’t have the bandwidth to implement those, they are most certainly affecting the decision-making process of buyers across the globe.

O3 Digital is the best digital marketing agency in Australia that believes in maintaining transparency in processes and communication, cultivating long-lasting relationships, speedy communication, discipline in commitment and solutions focused attitude. Their processes and dedicated staff have been the driving force behind their goal of achieving clients’ objectives such as increasing their traffic, leads, and revenue to maximise ROI.